Chess960 clock change




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Chess960 clock change

Hi there
I have to tell you that I cannot play any more Chess960 because it is just too unfair for black. I was playing as white and had as much time as I wanted to think about my first move without the clock counting down! I felt sorry for black.

Here is the request:
White's countdown clock should start immediately on white's first turn.

Here is the reason:
Black is already at a disadvantage and so when it comes to their first turn, all of the thinking they were doing on white's first turn might well come to nothing because white plays a different first move....

Then all the pressure is on black to think up a completely different idea but this time the pressure is on their own clock time and they have no luxury of sitting back thinking for as long as they like.

Not only that, but since black's first move options are much restricted because white has already played the opening move, now white's second move is much easier to plan and they do so under black's own time at no cost to their own time.

And so the time penalty problem for black is compounded. This is what happens:

1) White sits back spends heaps of time on the first move and black can only do limited planning
2) Black then has to play their first move at their own time penalty with their own plans wiped unexpectedly.
3) White's second move is played almost instantly because they thought it up on black's clock.
4) Black hasn't had time to think a reply and so yet another effective time penalty...

If you can fix this I would much appreciate it.



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Re: Chess960 clock change

If you play more than one game, it evens out.
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