Shop FAQ

Do I need a ChessCube account to purchase at the ChessCube Shop?

Yes, you do need a ChessCube account to purchase at the shop. This is because your account is linked with your version of ChessCube Cinema. Register an account with ChessCube today. It is free!

How do I pay for items in the ChessCube Shop?

We accept PayPal, major Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard), Zong and Cubits as payment options for purchasing items in the ChessCube Shop.

What are Cubits?

The Cubit is ChessCube’s currency. Cubits can be used to purchase items in the shop, and to enter ChessCube Tournaments.

How will my ChessCube Videos be delivered to me?

Your ChessCube videos will be ready for download in your version of ChessCube Cinema. Once you log in to ChessCube Cinema you will see that the items that you have purchased will be automatically added to your library.

So what is ChessCube Cinema in any case?

ChessCube Cinema is the software needed to watch our interactive videos. Best of all it is free. Download the latest version of ChessCube Cinema here.

How do I contact the ChessCube Support team?

For any queries relating to the shop that have not been adequately answered in the FAQ section, our friendly staff will gladly assist you. Visit the support page here

Can I get a refund for my video purchase?

Because of the nature of the product, and due to copyright laws, we are unable to accept refunds for videos purchased at our shop. If you feel you have a valid reason for a refund, such as you are unable to download the video, or there are issues with the quality, contact our support team who will be happy to assist you.

Can I share these videos with my friends?

ChessCube Videos are protected from distribution with Digital Rights Management technology. Only you will be able to watch your video on your version of ChessCube Cinema. Our ChessCube Shop Terms and Conditions state that you are not allowed to distribute or copy the ChessCube Videos that you have purchased at the shop.