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Club Cubits 250 One-Year Membership

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Buy this Club Cubits 250 membership and start each day for a full year with at least 250 Cubits!

The Complete Trompowski - Box Set

ChessCube is pleased to present a comprehensive survey of this off-beat, intricate modern opening system.  It has been employed by free-spirited grandmasters such as Korchnoi (who defeated Karpov with it – twice!), Vaganian, Gurevich, Piket and Adams.  GM Julian Hodgson, a four times British Champion, has been especially instrumental in moulding the opening into a fearsome tournament weapon.

Anti-Sicilian: Moscow Variation - Box Set

In this exclusive to ChessCube collection, International Master Andrew Martin advocates 1.e4, c5 2.Nf3, d6 3.Bb5 (the Moscow Variation) as an effective tool with which White may sidestep highly theoretical variations of the Sicilian Defence such as the Najdorf, the Dragon and the Scheveningen.

Learn to Play the King's Gambit - Box Set

Are you an attacking player who is weary of the Petroff Defence and bored with stodgy positional struggles? It is possible that the King’s Gambit is the remedy for you! International Master Andrew Martin decants this old wine from a new bottle and shows how this fascinating ancient opening is just as vibrant today as it ever was. Furthermore, Martin contends, any player who learns this opening will improve his or her overall chess strength and also their results as most club and tournament players have very little idea about what to do when faced with 2.f4. 

The Four Knights Sicilian - Box Set

In another series made exclusively for ChessCube, International Master Andrew Martin surveys the Four Knights Sicilian. At master level, the opening is usually intended to arrive at the main line of the Sicilian Sveshnikov Variation whilst avoiding some inconvenient side lines along the way. At club level, it provides a solid and dependable means for Black to begin the game.

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