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Anti-Sicilian: Moscow Variation - Box Set

In this exclusive to ChessCube collection, International Master Andrew Martin advocates 1.e4, c5 2.Nf3, d6 3.Bb5 (the Moscow Variation) as an effective tool with which White may sidestep highly theoretical variations of the Sicilian Defence such as the Najdorf, the Dragon and the Scheveningen.


Vol. 1.

  • The first volume is concerned with the mainline: 3…Bd7 4.Bxd7+, Qxd7.

Our guide recommends the wily continuation 4.c4 and explains why this is a shrewd choice against most devotees of the Sicilian Defence.

Vol. 2.

  • Here, Andrew Martin concentrates on the play arising after 3…Bd7 4.Bxd7+, Nxd7 using as one example the game Wahls vs. Kasparov from a simultaneous display in Germany in 1985 in which the soon to be World Champion is convincingly dispatched!
  • This section explores positions arising if Black attempts to muddy the waters with 3…Nd7 and we are treated to, amongst others, an analysis of the game Ni Hua vs. Carlsen from the London Chess Classic Tournament of 2009.

Vol. 3.

  • The final volume looks at the comparatively rare response 3…Nc6. Andrew Martin cautions that this move is not as bad as it might seem at first sight and then illustrates how White may best proceed by using four examples from recent grandmaster praxis, including two games by GM Sergei Rublevsky, an acknowledged authority on the Moscow Variation.

In this Bundle:

Anti-Sicilian: Moscow Variation - Part 1 by IM Andrew Martin

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Anti-Sicilian: Moscow Variation - Part 2 by IM Andrew Martin

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Anti-Sicilian: Moscow Variation - Part 3 by IM Andrew Martin

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