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The Complete Trompowski - Box Set

ChessCube is pleased to present a comprehensive survey of this off-beat, intricate modern opening system.  It has been employed by free-spirited grandmasters such as Korchnoi (who defeated Karpov with it – twice!), Vaganian, Gurevich, Piket and Adams.  GM Julian Hodgson, a four times British Champion, has been especially instrumental in moulding the opening into a fearsome tournament weapon. 

The package comprises four videos:

  • Trompowski
  • The Trompowski Attack
  • Trompowski...Pseudo
  • Trompowski: Main Line

In this Bundle:

Main Line Trompowski by GM Julian Hodgson

More Information

My Success with the Trompowski by GM Julian Hodgson

More Information

Trompowski by GM James Plaskett

More Information

Trompowski-Pseudo by IM Gary Lane

More Information

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