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The Four Knights Sicilian - Box Set

In another series made exclusively for ChessCube, International Master Andrew Martin surveys the Four Knights Sicilian. At master level, the opening is usually intended to arrive at the main line of the Sicilian Sveshnikov Variation whilst avoiding some inconvenient side lines along the way. At club level, it provides a solid and dependable means for Black to begin the game.


The Series comprises four videos:


Vol. 1.

  • Andrew Martin provides instruction in the basic elements of the main line and scrutinises 6.Ndb5: one of two critical tests of the Four Knights Sicilian.

Vol. 2.

  • Here, he examines the 2nd acid test of the Black defences in which White plays 6.Nxc6, bxc6 and then 7.e5.


Vol. 3.

  • In this volume Martin discusses 6.Be3. White intends to enter into the so-called English Attack – a response which many players of the white pieces essay against any and every variation of the Sicilian Defence. Our commentator demonstrates why this move is not well motivated in this case.
  • This section is concerned with 6.g3, a solid positional continuation.


Vol. 4.

  • Martin assesses the impact of 6.Bg5 and shows why this attempt is less effective than in other variations of the Sicilian.
  • In this section, he indicates the way forward for Black after 6.Be2.
  • Finally, our guide concludes the series with a look at 6.a3: a move which intends to cut directly across Black’s intentions. IM Andrew Martin explains how Black can then effectively change tack.

In this Bundle:

The Four Knights Sicilian - Part 4 by IM Andrew Martin

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