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by IM Andrew Martin
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Leading video lecturer, International Master Andrew Martin, brings you a powerful opening against almost any standard opening sequence by White - Opening Suggestions for Black I (Part 1 of 2). Play 1...g6, 2...Bg7, 3...c5 to turn the tables on your opponent. White tries many different ways to combat Black's dangerous opening weapon, but nothing really dents Black's simple rollout.

Chapters include: 

  1. Sound, Attacking & Deadly
  2. Nc3 Qa5 - increasing pressure
  3. dxc5 Qa5+ 5. Nc3
  4. dxc5 Qa5+ 5. c3
  5. Nc3 c5 4. dxc5
  6. d5 d6 5. Bb5+ - White gains space
  7. d5 d6 5. Nf3 - Quietly holding space


This is a fun and easy video to watch. You gain high-level training from a senior chess master. No DVDs, no shipping fees! Simply download your video into ChessCube Cinema via the web and you can be watching Opening Suggestions for Black I (and II) in a few minutes!

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