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1 Days 2h 9min
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by IM Chris Ward
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England's most dedicated Dragon warrior - GM Chris Ward - presents his complete up-to-date Dragon repertoire including antidotes to the topical white systems. No other defense can match the Dragon for thrills and spills. A highly entertaining two hour plus epic.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction
  2. General Introduction
  3. The Yugoslav Attack
  4. Yugoslav 9.Bc4 - White plays h4 & h5 at top speed
  5. Yugoslav 9.Bc4 - White plays h4 & g4
  6. Yugoslav 9.Bc4 - White plays Kb1
  7. Yugoslav 9.Bc4 - White plays Bg5
  8. Yugoslav 9.g4
  9. Yugoslav 9.0-0-0
  10. The Levenfish Attack
  11. Classical Systems
  12. White plays g3
  13. White plays 6.Bc4
  14. Conclusion

The Foxy Openings Series is a timeless collection of Grandmaster openings explained simple enough to comprehend at any level. These videos will improve your rating, give you a greater understanding of all the openings and is recommended for all levels.

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