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1 Days 2h 30min
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by IM Danny Kopec
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A repertoire for White. You are about to enter a completely different world - the world of the Kopec System. IM Dr. Danny Kopec presents his original system which is deadly against all Sicilian set-ups. Fundamentally sound, it packs a venomous punch. With the Kopec System, you can spring virtually unknown theoretical gems on your unsuspecting opponents!

Chapters include 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 & 3.Bd3:

  1. Dragon set-up with ...g6
  2. Russian set-up with ...g6 and ...e5
  3. Lopez set-up with ...e5
  4. French set-up with ...e6 and ...d5
  5. Hybrid Structures


The Foxy Openings Series is a timeless collection of Grandmaster openings explained simple enough to comprehend at any level. These videos will improve your rating, give you a greater understanding of all the openings and is recommended for all levels.

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