Tournament Terms

ChessCube will make a best effort both technologically and through tournament management to host tournaments that run smoothly, fairly and correctly, but will not be responsible for any losses incurred through disconnections, bugs, tournament cancellation or early termination. The following procedures and rules will apply to tournaments and tournament games:

  1. ChessCube reserves the right to cancel a tournament if the service becomes unavailable. Tournaments will be cancelled if less than 75% of the rounds (rounded off to the nearest round) have been fully completed. In such cases players who have paid for entry into the tournament will receive a full refund.
  2. ChessCube reserves the right to end a tournament prematurely if the service becomes unavailable. In such cases the results from the last fully completed round will be used to determine the final standings in the tournament. If a tournament is ended in such a way the entry fee will be deducted from players and prizes (if any) will be awarded.
  3. If a player is disconnected or cannot complete his/her game for whatever reason during a round the game will be forfeited (counted as a loss) for that player.
  4. If a player does not play his/her game during a round they will forfeit the game and be removed from subsequent rounds for the tournament. A notification will be displayed which the player will have to accept to re-enter the tournament.
  5. ChessCube is aware that there are currently issues which affect game play and may end the game abruptly in an unexpected manner. We are making every effort to solve this as quickly as possible. If you feel that you have suffered a loss because of this you can report the tournament game for review. Please send the date, tournament name, round number, both player names and what you experienced to [email protected] within 24 hours of the tournament start time (please include all the required information – we will not review incomplete or late requests). We will refund your tournament entry fee if we find that you lost unfairly.
  6. Any player caught cheating (see the Acceptable Use Policy) while a tournament is in progress will immediately be banned from the tournament. If that player is currently involved in a game he/she will forfeit it. Such a player will not receive any refund for entry fees or prizes (if any). However, the previous results of this player against any opponents will stand.
  7. If, after a tournament has been completed, it becomes evident that a player has cheated any prizes awarded to that player will be reclaimed by ChessCube. Such a player may be banned from future tournaments. However, the previous results of this player against any opponents will stand for the tournament in question.
  8. If you suspect a player of cheating please report this immediately to the tournament manager in a private message or email [email protected] (do not make cheat accusations in the tournament chat room). We will refund your tournament entry fee if we find that you played against a cheater and you reported it within 24 hours of the tournament start time.
  9. Every tournament will be run by a Manager. The Manager reserves the right to cancel or change a tournament for whatever reason. However, a best effort will be made to complete all tournaments successfully.
  10. A Manager may change results, redo pairings, pause or resume tournaments or otherwise manually intervene in order to address tournament problems at any time.
  11. The Manager’s decisions are final. Players who feel that the Manager has made incorrect or unfair decisions should use the Report Abuse link or contact [email protected]