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ChessCube is a large, vibrant community of over 730,000 chess players from over 230 countries. Members chat in chat rooms, and in private chat, spectate live matches, and of course play chess. ChessCube moderators are enthusiastic members who give up their time to help out the community of players.


Chess has a long, rich history, and is still a much-loved game today. On ChessCube, players can play live chess games from as short as 1 minute, to as long as 90 minutes a side. Chess variants, such as the popular Chess 960 are also on offer.

ChessCube players can challenge their friends to a game, or seek a game with any player who is online. This means that no matter where you are in the world, or what time it is, there is a chess game to be played! Over 24 million chess games have been played on ChessCube this year!


ChessCube offers superior realtime analysis of games being played and spectated. The opening being used is displayed, and ChessCube members can search through a vast database of past chess games using similar moves. What could be better than learning from the games of masters?

Player Cards

ChessCube is all about the chess player. Player cards give you an overview of any player on ChessCube. From each card you can challenge a player, chat to a player or even P2P voice call a player! You can also customise your card with avatars and badges.


Chess players can improve their game by downloading and watching chess lectures and videos on ChessCube’s award winning Cinema (a desktop AIR application).

Premium members can stream videos, with new videos being added weekly, as part of their Premium Membership.


Play Chess OnlinePremium Membership is for chess players who want to get the best out of ChessCube. Premium Members receive enhanced game analysis and statistics, additional customisation options, preferential listings in rooms, weekly training videos and more.


Players can customise ChessCube with a choice of backgrounds and chess sets. Additional backgrounds, sets and badges can be purchased in the ChessCube shop.

FIDE rated online games

In an exciting move for chess globally, online matches were played in the SA Chess Open in 2009. Players based in Melbourne, Australia, competed in the tournament by playing their matches online with players in Cape Town, South Africa. In a world first, these online games were rated by FIDE, paving the way for innovation in chess tournaments. The report issued to FIDE may be found by clicking here.

Download Fact Sheet

Click here to download a pdf ChessCube fact sheet (380kb).