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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com


I'm a club-level player and Chess book cover artist for Gambit publications. I just want to list my own views on chesscube so far:

Likes -

1. GUI. One of the best I've used yet on the internet. The seek graph reminds me a lot of Dasher, and the overall design of the chess board interface is quite pleasing.

2. Love the game history and rating graph.

3. The avatar and profile options are a great start.

Dislikes -

1. Not being able to turn off specific sound effects. I only want to hear the piece movement sound when I finish moving it to a new square, not when I change my mind and move it back to its original square. The extra movement sound from doing that makes me think I accidentally made a move when I didn't.

2. Perhaps I missed the option, but I'd like to see a settings option to disable all chat during a game. I know you can ignore spectators, but it would be nice to disable participant chat too, and before the game even starts.

3. Profiles tabs should also show web site links if the user puts one in. So far, I can only see name and email address.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I Like Chesscube Bcoz....

1. Help Section(Help Bigenners & Help) really so cool...really cool helpers. (h)
2.New interface.. :clap:
3.Chat rooms & videos :dance:
4.New leaderboard... (h)
5.Tournament section..it's awesome. :dance:


1.bugs & lag problem :(
2.cant post games on facebook :(
3.cheaters X0(
4.cant view all active games...(I wish..there must be a option..where we can see all live games) (A)
5.Cash-Out.. :-d



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

i like, 1. Warzone tournaments 2. 1 minute chess 3.chess videos 4.the shop 5. that there are currency's and you can win money. whati dislike is: 1. you can only play chess but no chess variants like crazyhouse atomic and losers 2. i wish there was a 10 second no inc time control 3. that you cANt bet crowns 4. ytou cant exchange cubits for crowns


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

this is the best site in world that gives chess :dance:

but there are many cheaters in each ways is my dislike :whistle:
it is not a move ,even the best move ,that you must seek ,but a realizable plan.....(chess proverb)



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I like ChessCube because there are so many people you can play with from beginners to experts.
The interface is pretty and easy to the eyes

What I don't like about ChessCube is: Only standard chess on an 8x8 board, that's BORING

I've played standard chess so much that I'm sick of it. I want other CHESS VARIANTS or CHESS VARIATIONS.
Like for example omega chess or capablanca chess, with bigger boards (10x10) and more pieces that have combined capabilities.

This is the only thing I don't like about this site, it's too limited :(

So please implement other Chess Variants and Variations :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: 8-(



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

If I've understood correctly, those of us who have previously bought cubits with a view to later exchanging them for membership will not now be able to do so, or to get our money back either. Am I right?



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Scheduled maintenances drive me crazy, especially when they take ours and ours :snooty:


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

1. Chess! 24/7*(read dislikes nr.1)
2. The flash-based system (GUI etc.) really works*(it's a good idea, despite some errors and crashes now and then)!
3. Warzone and other tournaments in general - it's better than single chess games!
4. Viewing games can be cool sometimes*(read dislikes nr.4)
5. It's South African! Ayoba :dance:

1. The Super-Ultra-long maintenances.
2. Cheaters in Warzone and other tournaments.
3. At first it was a 'chess website' now it's a money making scheme.
4. Why should I only view 2000+ players playing? It's also fun viewing 1300 players:)
5. What function does the leveling system offer? Absolutely nothing for someone that just wants to play chess!



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

i love chesscube but i hate sendbaggers (6)



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

i don't care about the interface or the options .... just for the system we have got.

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