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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com


1 - First of all the excellent interface ( the size of the chess board and backgrounds ).

2 - tournaments (warzones in general).

3 - Chess 960.

4 - Chat rooms ( cube cafe and music room although it almost a dead room but fine ).

5 - the friendly people in chesscube.


1 - cheaters and sandbagers.

2 - Bugs during the games and the system of lag.

3 - can't log in to chesscube from my ipad or iphone.

4 - There's not many "title" players in chesscube.

5 - warzone open is two minutes instead of one minute.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

It's impossible to concentrate on your game when these irritating pop-ups are flashing at you. Apparently you can get rid of them by buying VIP membership. OK, so I'll buy VIP membership. After all, one of the reasons I bought my cubits was to use them for membership, right? But wait! You can't use cubits for membership any more! So, in order to get a tolerable playing experience again, I would have to pay more money for membership, in addition to the money I have already paid for that very purpose! (Well, for the purpose of buying membership and videos -- which you also can't use cubits for any more.)



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I was just going to suggest that they could have the 64 board squares each be a separate ad logo. If you click on an empty square before a piece it could take you to the advertisers site. That would be awesome!



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This afternoon I played chess with a certain zare (?) and I won by time forfeit. We played for 200 cubits. May I ask why I was deducted 200 when in fact I won? Instead of being added 200 I lost 200?

2. Why is it that I lost so many times on time forfeit? It happened that my clock was not moving because apparently it was my opponent's move? But after sometime, I saw that my time was consumed and I lost by time forfeit? In fact, I saw that it was NOT my clock that was running out but my OPPONENT'S? How come??? Please answer my queries. Thanks.


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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

Good evening lakaygeorge,

I suppose this is not the place to put your comment, this question has already been answered in a lot of other threads. I will just put one or two links to these threads and read there for more, since I have repeated myself a lot of times about this "time issue".

If you look at your games history you will see that in the game your oponent move never got to you but it did get to the server. Thus obviously you lost on time for the server although you were thinking that your oponent was the one who had lost.

Look here for info: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1571 & viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2251

I hope it helps you a bit.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I Like...

1. Quick and easy to find a game of your exact preference.
2. All of ChessCube's features including 960, chat, interface and style, watching, pre moves, tournaments, cinema, forums, shop, rapid rematch, etc etc.
3. For bringing us chess. Allowing us to dish out a demolishing to an opponent and feel like you've just played a flawless game, and equally as important, being taught medieval lessons in chess by better players. Especially the bizarre positions that really get you thinking what just happened there.
4. This T-Shirt http://www.cafepress.co.uk/ChessCube.550862183 (go get one, you know you want to)
5. ChessCube has shown continuous improvement over the years and keeps getting better, lots of innovation, a truly great chess site. Lots to look forward to.

I Dislike...

1. Running out of cubits, me or the player I'm playing against.
2. Pop-ups (I dont mind adds being visible, but add pop-ups should not obscure information)
3. There are few bad apples. Occasionally you get cheats. Occasionally you get bad sport players who leave when I get my first win, especially when the score is 7-1. Or players who only want to play one colour. Well done for trying to get rid of the cheats.
4. Missing feature: No Exchange / Tandem / Bughouse chess.
5. Missing feature: I would like to enter a match with a rating for that type of match. So a separate rating for each type of chess, including bullet, blitz, bullet 960, blitz 960, and then again for that type of tournament. Then have an overall weighted average rating to encourage you to work on all aspects of your game.

Many thanks to all involved
ChessCubes biggest fan
Get the T-Shirt here http://www.cafepress.co.uk/ChessCube.550862183



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- That along "General rating" and "Experience level" it has currency system [Cubit & crown balance]
- Chat rooms
- Store
- Videos
- Tournament system


- That there is not "Online chess" along with "Live chess"
- That there is no mobile availability
- That the "VIP" cant be purchased with "Cubits"



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

i cant write all my likes here so i will go for dislikes
=======>> no seperate rating for blitz
=======>>no advanced search option in game history(like wagered amount,opponents name ,opponents rating range))



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I CANT LOG IN :( ive been tryin to log in 2 hours already... it wont load in the interface...



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Re: Have your say about ChessCube.com

I love CC, reason I bought some 200K Cubits and VIP.
I am not happy with no response to complains, or reports.
One of the moderators with much higher rating challenged me to a game and he started with message: " Losing on purpose = banned." Sandbagging illegal (not allowed). So I was afraid to win/lose.
Some moderators, I do not want to publicize the name, are abusing their power.
Some bugs are lingering around for extended time.
I have read some posts that member was banned for complaining (perhaps to much complaining?), if that's true, it will be disturbing.

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