I feel cheated!




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I feel cheated!

Cubit Cheating

Hi, there are two issues I am facing for a long time and i feel cheated!
1) Sometimes, the timer of other player just ticks to zero(at normal speed) and after that result is shown that the other player forefits on time, no rating change or cubit change is shown, when i refresh my page it shows that it was me who forefited on time and results in my rating loss and cubit loss!! There was not a single notification of disconnection from neither side, how the heck should i know!!

2) Sometimes when I win, my cubits don't increase in the game of stakes



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Re: I feel cheated!

Hi abeochessagai!
I think it is a bug there is the problem.
But if you think it was cheat can you "report" the game!

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