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GM Igor Smirnov answers students’ questions

Q1: Hello Igor, one tiny thing, that it is better to study, games with the chessbase or the same with board and book? - Antonio Cortes Montoya

Q2: Sir, Is London System better than Colle System - Jai Prakash Singh

Q3: What variation can you advice to play against Tropovsky? – Misyuryaev Sergey

Trompowsky Attack

Q4: Playing Black against Vienna 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 d5 I was confronted with 4. Qe2. After 4…Nxe4 I lost a Pawn, and eventually the game. What is the best response to 4. Qe2 — ? Thanks - Dada Dadamax[/bVienna Chess]1c9.jpg[/img]
[b]Black to play

Q5: How GMs remember all those complicated variations in their opening line? – Jhec Bello

Q6: What do you do to relax and recharge after training or tournament – Jhec Bello

Q7: What are you thinking algorithm step by step that can be used in every positions? – Misyuryaev Sergey

Q8: hallo. sir my question is…… i learned basic chess moves in 2013… i have no FIDE rating… but i love to play chess…. i always played chess in online.. my internet chess rating is 1500+… and am stuck in there only from one year…. i took part here in local in one tournement and i defeated three FIDE rated players of rating 1200+,1400+ and 1450+…. and i lost to age category players of just 1100+,&1200+,…and that tournement was my first tournement which was organised just before 4 months back and since then i didnt took part in any tournment…… in that tournement didnt make any single draw but eigther won or i lost ,thats what happen there … i dont know what to do now… is i need to quit chess or i should continue…and also there is lot of pressure on me for finding a job …i have completed my graduation and dont have a job also….. i bought ur book promoted pawn just before one month and it is having very good information. i completed 12 chapters in that book… and now i dont know what to do…. please guide me - Dost Nizam

Q9: What’s the best way to analyze my games – Ahmed Seif

Q10: Hi sir, I want to know the study plan for intermediate player ( how we can proceed further) i am stuck around 1600+ rating on and not able to increase. some times it got inscreased by 1750 but again i came back to 1600, now there is no improvement in my rating…:( can you suggest some good book resources and a details structure for how i should study and from where i should study..??? so that it can enhance our skills..I think every body have this question that how they have to proceed from an intermediate level to advance level player. – Kanhaiya Gupta

Q11: Hi Mr Smirnov I wanna ask you about the engines what’s most important depth or calculation speed ? Second when l analyse my games can I use one engine or more ? Thanks in advance – Ahmed Seif

Q12: Heres a question, are you planning to make all of your courses available on mobile devices? This is the only downside I can see to any of your courses, and I have them all ! Igor Smirnov - Philip Porter

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