Post Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:44 pm

Chess Crossword Puzzle Contest

Grandmaster Igor Smirnov wrote:

"Today, I have some unexpected and amazing news. My wife, Alyona, has prepared a ‘chess surprise’ for you. :) This is a chess crossword! While solving it, you will reinforce your knowledge of chess terms, and hopefully will have fun along the way.


To make it more entertaining, we’ve decided to create a contest with this crossword puzzle – hence, the “RCA Crossword Contest” begins TODAY! :)

Contest details

    The contest will run from today (31 August) till Thursday, 8 September.
    The LASTEST DATE for you to send in the answers (solving the crossword puzzle) will be 8 Sept.


:dance: :dance: Prizes :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingorange: :happy-bouncymulticolor: :happy-bouncymagenta:

And here comes the special part – prizes for the winners! Below are the prize details for the winners (the first 50 participants to solve the crossword correctly):

1st place – an RCA paid course for FREE + a FREE premium video of your choice
2nd and 3rd place – an RCA paid course for FREE
4th to 10th place – 50 USD voucher on any product
11th to 15th place – 45 USD voucher on any product
16th to 20th place – 40 USD voucher on any product
21st to 25th place – 35 USD voucher on any product
26th to 30th place – 30 USD voucher on any product
31st to 35th place – 25 USD voucher on any product
36th to 50th place – 20 USD voucher on any product

Note: I’ve planned to treat all participants nicely. After all, winning is not everything, but participation matters! So I will offer something cool to all participants at the end of the competition. Therefore, stay tuned! :) :dance: :happy-cheerleaderkid: :happy-wavemulticolor:

Will you be able to solve the whole crossword properly? Are you ready to accept our challenge? :) I wish you all the best!


P.S. In the above picture, my wife and I look like Bollywood movie actors. At least, my Indian friends say so … I’m not so sure – maybe they just want to play a trick on a Grandmaster. :)
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