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How pawn majority helps you win endgames easily?

I’m sure you have come across the term “pawn majority” during your chess career. Do you know what it means? It’s a strategic advantage, where you have one more pawn than your opponent on one side of the chessboard (either queenside – queenside pawn majority, or kingside – kingside pawn majority). Often, queenside pawn majority is more advantageous because it can help you win endgames.

Do you know how powerful this strategic weapon is? Even though it’s only a small advantage (like being almost a pawn up), it most often guarantees you a win in the endgame. To help you better understand about pawn majority, IM Asaf Givon has prepared a very instructive video lesson.

It is about a game that he played against a club player (about 2100 ELO), where he knew very precisely what TYPE of endgame he wanted to achieve. Since he knew that, he played the opening and middlegame stages in a way that drove the game to reach the desired endgame.

Asaf achieved a kingside pawn majority very early in the opening and, after that, his practical endgame knowledge simply assured him the win. He did not make much effort, he did not calculate long variations; he simply played natural/easy moves and, eventually, his opponent lost without making any serious blunders – all this was possible because of the strong KNOWLEDGE that Asaf had about endgames.


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